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You can make a positive impact in your neighborhood! Join BakerRipley as we continue our efforts to increase voter registration, engagement and turnout in the neighborhoods we serve and empower our communities.

BakerRipley has long served those areas of Houston which have historically been underserved. Unfortunately, our neighbors are categorized as low propensity voters, which leaves a great majority of voices and needs unheard and ignored because political campaigns typically seek out voters who are most likely to vote. Enough is enough. This is your opportunity to make the needs and voices of our neighbors matter in this and future elections. There is more than one way to empower the members of our community. We have developed programs and hosted events that create leaders in our community. You can be part of this movement.

Help us show our neighbors that their vote matters. Their community matters. Their families matter. They matter.


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BakerRipley Central
4450 Harrisburg Blvd
Houston TX, 77011

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Location Description:
Please arrive at 4450 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston, TX 77011 and check in with the receptionist on the second floor. Ask for the Community Engagement Team member who will be your volunteer manager.

Note that all volunteers are required to attend New Volunteer Orientation before volunteering.

If you have not been to orientation yet, please register here. If you are unable to attend the Volunteer Orientation, please arrive an hour early to BakerRipley Central.

Please note that if you do not attend volunteer orientation, you will be unable to participate in the volunteer opportunity.
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Ray Beltran

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